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Looking for veterinary services in Aylmer, QC?

Aylmer Veterinary Clinic offers a wide range of veterinary services for pets in Aylmer, Gatineau and surrounding areas. 

Wellness & Preventative Care

The needs and lifestyles of every pet are very different. We believe that veterinary care should be tailored to meet the special needs of each individual pet and its family. Annual examination and appropriate vaccination/preventive medicine has long been the foundation of veterinary care. Modern diagnostic testing has also become a big part of that care. Annual bloodwork can help us to diagnose and treat many diseases much earlier so that we can ensure a longer and happier life for your beloved pet.

In-House Diagnostics

There have been many advancements in diagnostic testing.  Our in-house diagnostic laboratory and digital radiography system are connected to our veterinary software system so that we can quickly obtain important test results about your pet’s health and present them to you right in the consultation room.  This also makes transferring information to specialists much faster and easier whenever necessary.  As well as other routine diagnostic equipment, we also have two ultrasounds and a 1.4 m. flexible video endoscope.  We are very excited to offer the expertise of Dr. Jean Sebastien Boileau (Dip. ACVIM-Cardiology- E-Vet Mobile), who helps us to diagnose and manage patients with complicated heart disease. 


We do many routine surgical procedures (spays/neuters) every day, as well as other soft tissue and basic orthopedic surgeries.  We are committed to following best practices when it comes to anesthetic protocols, patient monitoring, and pain control during and after your pet’s procedure.  When we have more complicated surgery we can contract the services of Dr. Denis Philibert (Dip. ACVS- Mobile Surgical Specialist), who can travel to our clinic and perform these procedures right at our clinic.  We do not offer cosmetic alterations (tail dock/ear crops) or declaws. 


It has been shown that the prevention and treatment of dental disease is an extremely important part of maintaining your animal’s health and quality of life.  Dentistry has become a large part of our care at the clinic.  We have invested in a dedicated surgical suite with a hydraulic dental table, high-speed dental drills, and two digital dental radiographic systems.  Several of our veterinarians have also advanced their skills through continuing education courses in dentistry so that we can provide the best possible care for your pet’s teeth. Don’t hesitate to discuss any concerns about your pet’s dental care with us at any time.

Complementary medicine

As well as being a licensed western medicine veterinarian, Dr. Marie Cliche also has a special interest in a holistic approach. The goals of western medicine and holistic medicine are the same: they both promote health and hope to prevent disease. Dr. Cliche has been trained to use acupuncture and herbal medicine as an integrative approach to treating a variety of illnesses in small animals. After a thorough consultation, including a detailed medical history and physical examination, Dr. Cliche can use these holistic modalities to treat your pet by restoring balance and health.

Our Mission

Our families are here to work with you and your pet and provide the kind of care you can trust and are comfortable with. We try to surround ourselves with those who share our vision, enjoy what they do, and try to do their best every day. We hope that together we can make the journey through your pet’s life a wonderful experience.